Case Study
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SEAT at the Motor Show

SEAT wanted something different at the Motor Show – we’d had Gail Porter there to draw the media previously, but there were celebrities everywhere and they wanted stand-out.

So, we suggested a live performance on the stand – it hadn’t been done before. At the time there was a hot, new, girl band, Atomic Kitten, who were about to release their first single.

We signed them up to do a short set on the SEAT stand, utilise their name in media relations, and do a photoshoot with them! Their single shot to no.1, a SEAT Alhambra became their tour bus for a while, we got some great pics and some great editorial coverage too. Needless to say three sexily dressed young girls, singing and dancing on the stand drew an enormous crowds – and complaints from the stands around who didn’t get many visitors at the time.